Dean Kostos
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Madison Square Park
Echo, by Jaume Plensa, is a 44-foot-tall sculpture.
       It occupied the main lawn from May to August 2011.

Guarding the entrance, William Seward crosses
oxidized legs. His preposterous head

revolts against his body
as the lawn goes purple.

A woman dressed
in frayed ghosts leads children

by threads to see a girl's four-story
head: eyes closed, mouth

an anemone. The decapitated
girl repeats her name: Echo ... I go ...

At the foot of Metropolitan Life,
a white-haired guitarist snips

electric nerves connected to the past, music
reverberating ... berating ...

A window opens onto colonies 
of others. Behind each, an unanswered 

question ... quest one ...
Inside a shuttered window,

the memory of a girl--nothing
remaining but her voice. 
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